Massapequa Park Umbrella Insurance

Take Cover With The Right Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy

Every year, thousands of people who believe they are fully protected under their Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance policies are shocked to discover that limits and exclusions in those policies have left them dangerously exposed.

For instance, if they don't have additional protection known as Umbrella Insurance, they could face a liability claim way beyond the meager limits of their standard policies that could bankrupt them.

Or if they are sued for making defamatory or untrue allegations, they may learn that their homeowners insurance doesn't protect them at all.

In Massapequa Park and surrounding communities, Umbrella Liability Insurance from PRK Insurance Agency Inc is the solution.

One Policy To Cover All Your Needs

We provide the additional protection everyone should have at some of the most competitive rates in New York. And we can customize your Umbrella Insurance to cover the risk areas where you're most vulnerable.

For example, it can include:

  • Extra liability protection in increments of $1 million, over and above the limits in your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies.
  • Liability protection against risks excluded from those policies, such as lawsuits alleging slander, false arrest or imprisonment, and invasion of privacy.
  • Additional coverage for rental-home owners for liabilities that fall to you rather than the renter

Despite this wide range of additional protections, you may be surprised to learn that Umbrella Liability Insurance is remarkably inexpensive.

Save Money Today With PRK Insurance Agency Inc

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Don't think you may not need it. Remember that disaster has a habit of lurking just around the corner, out of sight but ready to strike. Don't let it strike at your finances too. Fill in that form now.