Massapequa Boat Insurance

Owning a boat can be an amazing -- taking out the boat to Fire Island during the summer months when it just you, your boat and the never-ending sunset. However, owning a watercraft can be quite dangerous. Every year, hundreds of people are killed or injured in coastal and inland boating accidents around New York State. Storms that only Mother Nature herself can foresee can bring devastation on land and on water.

Most responsible owners have Boat Insurance, but they may not discover that they're inadequately protected until it's too late.

Oftentimes, new owners are unsure about the level of Sailboat Insurance they need for their specific activities -- and how much it should cost. For instance you may even have some limited protection through your Homeowners Insurance. Also, yachts require a bit more attention. Yacht Insurance is a bit broader yet still specialized based on the needs for a larger boat since yachts tend to travel further and are exposed to particular risks.

Specialized Boat Insurance To Fit Your Boat And Your Needs

PRK Insurance Agency Inc at Massapequa Park, New York customize Boat and Yacht Insurance policies to take into account the size, type and value of the craft and where it will be used:

  • Actual cash value or agreed amount value for damage to the boat.
  • Medical payments for you, your passengers and others injured in an accident.
  • Liability protection for claims made against you as a result of accident.
  • Replacement of special equipment kept aboard.
  • Protection for losses sustained when the boat is out of water.
  • Theft of or from your boat

PRK Insurance Agency Inc may also be able to secure valuable discounts on Watercraft Insurance rates for residents of Massapequa Park and surrounding communities for certain types of craft, safety equipment and claims-free experience.

Complete the free, no-obligation quote on this page. A member of our team will contact you to review your current boating policy or inform you how to obtain one. Ease your mind while at sea; request a Sailboat Insurance quote today.