Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Massapequa Park

A lawsuit by an employee or past employee could easily cost you $500,000. Even if the case is dismissed, your legal costs could exceed $75,000.  It could bring your business to its knees.

Solution: Protect your business with employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) from PRK Insurance in Massapequa Park, New York.

Employee litigation is now the number one source of business lawsuits and it's on the rise, especially in smaller businesses where previously it was rare.

Supported by anti-discrimination legislation, lawsuits cover a huge range of claims from sexual harassment to slander, from disability discrimination to unfair promotion, from wrongful termination to invasion of privacy.

You may have limited protection against some risks through your Business Owners Policy (BOP) but for a comprehensive safeguard, you need that employment practices liability insurance.

Customized Protection for your EPLI needs

EPLI from PRK Insurance is custom-designed to meet the needs of each business. Our professional team at Massapequa Park has in-depth experience of all types of business protection and detailed knowledge of state-specific employment legislation in New York.

PRK experts will not only help you to identify the most appropriate level and scope of your employment practices liability insurance but also offer guidance on how to limit the risk of lawsuits arising in the first place.

Our EPL insurance reimburses you for settlements and covers legal costs whether you win or lose the suit.

For such a high level of protection, employment practices liability insurance does not cost as much as you might think and PRK Insurance is able to offer some of the most competitive rates in New York.

How much? It's easy to find out. Just complete the no-commitment Free Quotation Request form on this page. Do it now and you'll be taking an important step in safeguarding the future of your business.