Coastal Property Insurance

Make Sure Your Coastal Home Is Protected Today!

You may not realize it but your cherished coastal home is under threat from rising storm tides and others perils right now -- and that threat increases every year.

Get the solid protection of Coastal Property Insurance from a reputable company. If you don’t have the proper protection and the support of a reliable broker like PRK Insurance Agency Inc at Massapequa Park you could be face a ruinous loss at almost any time.

According to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)*, sea level rises and worsening storm surges are increasing the risks of flooding in coastal communities, and, they add, "in a warming world, North Atlantic forming hurricanes are likely to be stronger and more restrictive."

The trouble is that Coastal Homeowners Insurance is a complex business and, with recent storm and flood damage, rates are rising. Different insurers offer different levels of protection, limits of coverage, definitions of coastal locations, deductibles, and of course, how much you pay.

How can you make sure you have the waterfront home insurance that's right for your property, at the most competitive rates available?

A Simple Solution

The solution is simple. When you speak to the insurance experts at PRK Insurance Agency Inc, you'll be dealing with professionals who know the specific risks you face and how to secure the best coverage.

We'll put together a custom Coastal Property Insurance plan just for you, with options that include:

  • Coverage for standard Home Insurance risks such as fire, theft and liability.
  • Flood, storm and hurricane endorsements or separate policies, even for waterfront properties.
  • Full replacement value both for structures and personal property.
  • Liability protection.
  • Deductibles to suit your budget

And, if the worst happens, your professional local team of experts at Massapequa Park's PRK Insurance Agency Inc will be right here to help you with your Coastal Homeowners Insurance claim and make sure your interests are properly protected.

All in all, that's a package of protection, support and value in waterfront home insurance you'll find difficult to match anywhere else. But there's one more massively important thing you should know....

You Need To Act Now!

The risks you face on the waterfront are not going to diminish, and you never know when nature will strike.

Even if you already have Coastal Homeowners Insurance, can you be sure it covers everything you need and that you're getting the best value protection?

We can tell you quickly, without cost or obligation, simply click on our Free Quote Request button.

Don't leave it too late to get your waterfront home insurance.

You can't get protection once a storm risk is announced. You need to be prepared in advance. So click the button now, while it's on your mind -- and let's get you protected.

*Overwhelming Risk: Rethinking Flood Insurance in a World of Rising Seas, UCS, August 2013