About PRK Insurance

PRK is a full service insurance agency that combines the caring and expertise of three seasoned professionals: Alan Preller, Lan Rice and Gerard Kleinfelder.

Alan and Lan have served clients together for more than 30 years, operating in Wantagh, NY as Preller & Rice, Inc. and Gerard founded and operated the Kleinfelder Insurance Agency, Inc. in Massapequa Park for several years before the three friends had a brilliant idea: In 2008, they started talking and came to the realization that by joining forces they could serve clients even better and provide insurance even more effectively than they were already doing as separate entities!

With this goal in mind, Preller & Rice joined forces with Kleinfelder Insurance Agency to form PRK.

This affiliation has allowed us to focus in every way on supporting our customers.

In addition, the PRK alliance has enabled us to represent many additional insurance carriers, which means more coverage and better price options for you! Our access to a wider range of insurance markets allows us to obtain proposals for you from many different companies, so that we can offer you the best protection at the lowest price.

Yet another advantage of the PRK combination is that we are committed to finding and hiring the most helpful and effective customer care experts around. But we don't stop there! Not only do we hire the best, we also provide in-depth training to guarantee that our team is always up to date on the latest changes in our industry.

Everything we do is centered around serving YOUR needs.

Request a free insurance quote now and allow us to show you the PRK difference today!

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