Brain Freeze

My knee’s are damaged, my hips ache, my vertebrae have been crushedand fused.  I have torn rotator cuffs andmy elbows are in terrible shape.  Inshort, I’m not as good as I once was and my exercise options have become limited.  No running, roller blading, weights, rowing,etc.  The one thing I can do is bicycle. 

Never one to do things half way, I now have a top of theline road bike at home and another at the office.    Iwill get on my bike in Brookhaven and turn around in Riverhead.  Two years in a row I have ridden from Seattleto Portland… 206 miles in two days.  Idid a 100 mile ride to Montauk last month.  Forty and fifty mile rides are normal.  What started out as a last resort exerciseoption has become an addiction.   Why?

Yesterday, after a four hour ride to nowhere, I realized Ihad not thought about anything serious the entire time.  Unlike the rest of the day, worrying about thingsI need to do, things that I may have to do and things that I have failed to do,I had four hours of peace.

My life is demandingand my brain is usually filled with the clutter of thoughts and stressfulreasoning. Bicycling helps me empty my mind and the result is improved physicaland mental health.

Inshort, I have taken up meditation with an exercise component.