Who needs a vacation?

I recently spent 10 days with family and friends on the west coast.  There was hiking in Yosemite,biking in San Francisco, farming in Oregon and a 200 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland.  There were a lot of laughs and many sore muscles.

I was wrecked after the red-eye Monday night so I took Tuesday off and came to work Wednesday. Talk about shock therapy!  My desk is usually pretty sedate but Wednesday morning some of the problems waiting for me after a 10 day absence seemed insurmountable.  I nearly turned around and went home.

The serenity I had gathered over 10 days was gone in 10 minutes! 

Now I am back in my groove… work, eat, goof off, sleep,work, eat, goof off, sleep - I feel good. So, who needs a vacation?  If it wasn’t for the chance to see my friends and family I would just stay home.