We all love parties and many parents are more than willing to host a graduation party for their teens.  But, there is a problem: 

Many parents do not realize there are very strict laws and possible liabilities that apply when kids under age 21 drink alcohol or use drugs in their homes.

Some of the risks of under-age drinking and illegal drug use could be: Arrest, Jail Time, Expensive Legal Fee's, Fines, Lawsuits that result in the loss  your home and almost everything else you own... and even the loss of your Homeowners Insurance.

In New York State you need to know about "social hosting laws" when planning or hostin a party.

* It is illegal to allow anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcohol in your home.

* If teenagers under the legal age drink or use drugs in your home you could be held legally responsible for their actions, even after they leave you home.

* You can be arrested and charged with misdemeanors for "hosting" a party where underage drinking or illegal drug us takes place. 

* Your kids can also be arrested and that can affect future endeavors.

* You may be held responsible if there is an injury on your property or afterwards, away from the property, if it is a result of underage drinking or illegal drug use.

What can you do as a concerned parent?

* Make it clear that you don't approve of illegal drug use or under-age drinking and you don't allw it in your home.

* Be home whenever there is a party on you property.

* Make sure your own wine, beer and liquor supplies can't be accessed by under-age peple.

* Keep the lines of communication open with your children and talk to them about the serious risk if one of their friends drinks or uses drugs in your home.